Rakhi Sawant seen crying in middle of road, know what happened?

The famous actress of the entertainment world Rakhi Sawant remains in the news for some reason or the other. At the moment, Rakhi Sawant is dating Dubai-based businessman Adil Durrani. But this time, he’s in the news for some other reason. In fact, Rakhi Sawant’s social media account has been hacked, due to which she is┬ávery upset.

On Saturday morning, Rakhi Sawant was spotted outside the gym with her boyfriend Adil Durrani. Crying Rakhi Sawant told the paparazzi that both her Facebook and Instagram social media accounts have been hacked. Because of this, she is very upset. Not only that, Rakhi Sawant is also getting dirty messages. Crying, she seems to be telling the whole thing.

Nowadays, the process of social media hacking seems to be becoming very common. Social media has become very active about its community guidelines. There are a lot of hacking complaints coming in. Not only the stars, but the common people are also falling prey to it. People’s accounts are being hacked overnight. In the same video, it can be seen that when Rakhi Sawant is telling the paparazzi all this crying, then her boyfriend is seen talking to her that her account will soon start running again. People have started enjoying Rakhi by watching this stunt of Rakhi. This video of her is currently in the news.

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