Prayagraj violence: Bulldozers run over key accused Javed’s house

Prayagraj: Action is underway in connection with the violence that took place during the protest against Nupur Sharma’s statement in Prayagraj. In fact, Javed pump was arrested by the police in connection with the violence in the Atala area of Prayagraj. After that, the police described Javed Pump as the mastermind of this violence. Now, after the arrest of Javed Pump, according to the information received recently, now Prayagraj development authority (PDA) has also come into action. In fact, the PDA had pasted a notice at Javed Pump’s house and asked him to vacate it and now a heavy police force has reached Javed’s house. The police administration has converted Javed’s house into a cantonment and the bulldozers have also reached.

Now the bulldozer has also started demolishing Javed’s house. In fact, the bulldozer has broken the first door of Javed’s house and the boundary wall of Javed’s house has also been demolished by the bulldozer. On the other hand, the SP city is constantly appealing to the people to withdraw from the people gathered on the spot. Javed Ahmed’s house is locked from the inside. Women policemen have also been deployed at the spot so that in the event of women protesting, they can be dealt with by the police. In this case, police officials say that if people do not come out of the house, then the team will go inside by breaking the door and people will be brought out.

The police-administration officials are trying to evacuate the people inside the house. Earlier, the notice pasted by the PDA had asked all those staying in the house till 11 am today i.e. on June 12 to remove their belongings. In fact, the PDA’s notice said, “On June 12, vacate the house by 11 am so that the authority can take its own action.” Now it is being said that the notice has been pasted at the residence of Javed Pump on behalf of the PDA at night.

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